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When you buy a house, you expect that the seller has disclosed major problems as required by law. If you discover after closing that your roof leaks during the first big rainstorm, the exterminator confirms a termite infestation, or other problems compromise your new home, you may feel financially and emotionally devastated. At Midtown Attorneys, P.C. in Oklahoma City, we can help you take legal action.

Oklahoma law recognizes that buying a house is one of the biggest investments you will ever make; therefore, there are certain protections in place for buyers of residential real estate. The law requires that most sellers disclose, in writing, defects that they know about such as: defects with the water and sewer system, roof, wall, and foundation; use of hazardous construction materials; and termite infestations. Buyers are entitled to know about most residential real estate problems before they make a huge investment.

Were you a victim of fraud or a failure to disclose? If a realtor was involved or if a home inspector reviewed your contract, Oklahoma real estate laws could protect you. You should know your rights. At Midtown Attorneys, P.C., we review all the documents involved and help you understand how Oklahoma residential real estate law may provide a solution.

Should I buy property that is "for sale by owner"?

Because the law doesn't require the same disclosures to be given to buyers if a realtor is not involved, many people are hesitant to purchase residential real estate that is "for sale by owner." However, these properties can often be a great investment — just as long as you make sure you are protected.

At Midtown Attorneys, P.C., we take steps to protect you during a residential real estate transaction. We make sure you are signing a valid and enforceable contract. We ensure your contract outlines the duties and obligations of both sides, and take the necessary steps to ensure the title is marketable. We help you understand the legal ramifications before you sign the contract.

Attorney Tim Beets has represented real estate clients for over 15 years. Having spent years as a licensed title agent, he understands the residential real estate market. He can review the title commitment and the abstract to make sure that nothing has been overlooked.

Foreclosures on rental properties

At Midtown Attorneys, P.C., we also represent many out-of-state clients with residential real estate problems, including landlords facing foreclosures and eviction actions. We are local, Oklahoma City attorneys with in-depth knowledge of the laws and court procedures affecting foreclosures throughout the State of Oklahoma.

At Midtown Attorneys, P.C., we are big enough to handle your problems, but small enough to get to know you. To schedule an appointment to talk about your residential real estate concerns, please contact us at (405) 942-9595.

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