Oklahoma City contract reviewing and litigation attorneys

When you are entering contract negotiations, or when legal action seems inevitable, talking to a lawyer can help you make the right decisions. At Midtown Attorneys, P.C., in Oklahoma City, we advise clients with issues related to all types of contracts. We know how profoundly they can affect you, your life and your business, so we devote special effort to these cases.

Contact us for legal representation involving the following:
  • Business (corporation or LLC) formation
  • Business dissolution
  • Fraud/misrepresentation
  • Breach of contract/actions to enforce
  • Employment contracts
  • Real estate contracts
  • Manufacturing contracts
  • Collection litigation and enforcement of judgments
Contract litigation

Experienced attorney, Tim Beets, has represented clients in contract litigation for many years. He never hesitates to stand up for his clients' rights, especially when they are being taken advantage of by others. Experience has taught him to pay attention to the details and look for ambiguities in contracts that go against clients' best interests. When involved in a contract dispute, attorney Beets will protect your rights.

Contract drafting and review

Contract litigation can be expensive and time-consuming. We recommend that you speak with a lawyer at the outset and understand where disputes might arise. At Midtown Attorneys, P.C., we help our clients with contract negotiation and drafting so they can continue to focus on other aspects of their businesses.

When our clients enter into a contractual agreement, we thoroughly review the contract for provisions or clauses that may cause complications in the future. We make sure that your contract accurately reflects your deal and protects you, as it should.

Manufacturing contracts

One type of contract we handle is contracts for manufacturing. These are important because they can help reduce business costs and improve production when properly drafted. Our firm understands the importance of these contracts. We work hard to ensure all details are exact and the contract protects our clients' interests.

Construction contracts

Whether it be residential or commercial property, we have the skill and experience necessary to draft, review and enforce your agreements. Before signing any contract, you should have it reviewed by a competent and knowledgeable attorney.