Kyle B. Wasson

Mr. Wasson graduated from Oklahoma City University School of Law in 2008. Kyle’s primary areas of practice are Criminal Defense and Wills/Trusts formation. He has handled felony and misdemeanor cases all over the State of Oklahoma, in both District and Municipal Court. He is licensed to practice in Oklahoma and the United States Federal Court for the Western District of Oklahoma.

Kyle graduated from Texas State University in 1998 with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. After graduation, he served as a Probation Officer (specializing in Drug Offenders) in Travis County, Texas. While in this position as an Officer of the Court, Kyle gained extensive experience regarding the workings of the court system, which motivated him to study the law so as to better help people facing difficult legal charges. He insists on obtaining the most beneficial outcome for each of his clients.

Mr. Wasson is a member of the Oklahoma County Criminal Defense Lawyers Association. He attends and participates in continuing legal education in order to ensure his clients rights and remain knowledgeable of the current changes in Oklahoma law. Kyle also served on the Lawyers Helping Lawyers committee with the Oklahoma Bar Association from 2006 to 2010, to assist in the betterment of his peers suffering from alcohol and drug abuse. Additionally, Kyle is a member of the board for Oklahoma Specialized Outpatient Services, Inc. as of 2013.

Feel free to contact Mr. Wasson at our office to discuss any current legal issues you may have in the State of Oklahoma.