At MidTown Attorneys, we understand the grief and frustration associated with the loss of a loved one. We also understand the huge burden that can be placed upon family members when it becomes necessary to handle the estate of their loved one whom has passed. Generally, most people do not know where to begin and can become overwhelmed with the task of distributing out their loved one’s assets. At MidTown Attorneys, we know how to assist you with the probate process from beginning to end, and can also assist when it becomes necessary to contest a probate.

Probate is an area of law which can require dealing with almost every other area of the law and accordingly requires an attorney who is not only skilled and educated in the probate process, but also who has an excellent grasp and understanding of real estate, contracts, partnerships, business issues, collections, bankruptcy, taxes, and many other areas. The first step in the probate process is determining whether there is a will to help ascertain what your loved one intended to do with his or her assets. Once that determination has been made, your probate attorney will prepare the necessary documents and help guide you through the probate process.