Divorce - General


A divorce lawsuit begins with the filing of a petition at the county courthouse.

Currently the basic court cost is $181.00 ($186.00 if a summons is issued). A judge is assigned to the case when filed. The petition designates the person that is initiating suit as the Petitioner and the spouse as the Respondent. It states that the Court has jurisdiction to decide the case because the Petitioner has resided in the State of Oklahoma for six (6) months and in the county of filing for thirty (30) days. It recites a bare minimum of facts and asks for a divorce (most commonly on the grounds of incompatibility); a division of marital property and debts; alimony where appropriate; and custody, visitation, and child support where appropriate. Additionally, the petition may request that marital property and the persons of the Petitioner and the child be protected, that the wife’s former name be restored, and that Respondent pay Petitioner’s attorney’s fees and costs.

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