Divorce - Uncontested


In the event that every aspect of the divorce can be agreed upon, then after the petition has been filed, the Respondent signs a waiver stating that s/he consents to the proceedings without representation by an attorney. Respondent then signs a decree of divorce that s/he has approved. After a minimum interval of ninety (90) days following the filing of the petition (ten [10] days if no children) the Petitioner and attorney may make a brief court appearance to finalize the divorce. Please be aware that an attorney will be drafting and advising you in an uncontested divorce. There are paralegal services advertising this same service, but a paralegal is not an attorney and cannot give legal advice or appear in court on your behalf. If having an attorney handle your divorce is important to you, please give our office a call today. Low cost all inclusive fees are available for an uncontested divorce, please contact our office to arrange a consultation at (405) 942-9595.